Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

Plus affiliate marketing resources.

Before I added the resources, this page started its life as an affiliate marketing disclosure, so let’s address that first because I prefer to be upfront.

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

Deftly illustrated with some real-life affiliate links for stuff you’ll love.

  1. Hackerpreneur uses affiliate links on this website, in emails, in the iOS app and on other sites/apps/social channels etc. When you buy something via an affiliate link, Hackerpreneur gets a referral commission.
  2. Sometimes we invite hand-picked companies to sponsor relevant content / newsletters / magazine issues. We’ll always disclose it whenever we’re being paid upfront by a sponsor.
  3. Sometimes we get review products for free and write about them if we like them. Example: We got a review copy of Maître before interviewing the maker about launching a side product. He also gave me a 30% discount code for you. In this case, I don’t get an affiliate commission, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing it because it’s a cool product and I think you’ll dig it.
  4. Buying through an affiliate link doesn’t affect the price you pay. In fact, we usually try to get you a sweet li’l deal, like 2 free audiobooks from Audible. My recommendations: Sapiens, Zero to One, and Anything You Want. Or if you need more fiction in yo life, take a look at The Martian and Shantaram.

How we think about affiliate marketing.

Everything we do — down to the affiliate products we endorse — is tightly curated to make sure they line up with our core vision:

Hackerpreneur is your operating system for creating amazing work and living a kickass life on your terms.

I realise that’s audacious and abstract, so here’s how it distils down to a practical level.

The Popeye Test

Whether we are selling our own products or promoting somebody else’s, it must endow you with some kind of superpower.

Hackerpreneur only endorses ‘spinach’ products that can turn you into the 1000lb superpower version of Popeye (major 🔑 that most marketers screw up).

Good affiliates take this feduciary role super-seriously and realise that trust is much easier to lose than to gain. So I will always recommend the products we use and believe in whether we get any commission or not. Trust is a long game.

How You Can Use Affiliate Marketing in Your Business

Affiliate marketing is a huge cog in the web economy and — besides selling your own products and advertising — you can use it to supplement revenue for your blog / website / podcast / newsletter / whatever:

    • Use affiliate products to validate your product assumptions and run market tests before you create your own product.
    • Once you’ve figured out what products resonate with your audience, you can add some automated systems (like an email drip campaign) to create passive income.
    • Use thoroughly curated affiliate products on your email confirmation page (welcome page) to generate income to self-fund paid advertising campaigns.
    • Get an Apple iTunes affiliate account and become an affiliate for Hackerpreneur.

I hand-picked a few more useful affiliate resources to help you learn more.

Affiliate Marketing Resources

How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales – Nick Reese
My Affiliate Links and Exactly Where They Convert – Pat Flynn
Make Money Online: Documenting 10 Years of Failure – John Ward
Affilate Bully – Andre Chaperon
How I Made over $500,000 with the Amazon Affiliate Program – Problogger