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We curate the timeless, esoteric stories and case studies at the intersection of technology, business and art and compile the best 5 or 6 into a quarterly digital magazine.

It’s a way to grab a hold the internet’s permastream and distil the signal from the noise. Great writing deserves to be elevated, preserved and shared across time and geography, instead of disappearing into the web’s abyss.

Every piece we select was written by an entrepreneur, designer, artist, VC, or another trouble-maker because we believe that nothing beats in-the-trenches experience and the stories that emerge. No open submissions, no staff writers, no freelancers.

We’ve featured contributions from Ash Ambirge, Kevin Kelly, and Henry Rollins. David Heinemeier Hansson, Heidi Roizen, Ryan Hoover, Eugene Wei, Sam Altman, Daniel Gross, Derek Sivers, and dozens more disruptors and taste-makers.

We’re on a mission to make a ruckus. If that sounds like a path you’d like to follow, you can download a free issue. No email optin, no strings.

We first launched on iOS and we’re exploring other platforms (android, kindle, web) starting with a pdf version you can read on any device or print out if analogue is your thing.

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In The Crossroads of Should vs Must, Elle Luna literally followed a dream that led to her destiny as an artist. And Steve Schwartz argues why it’s OK that nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing. And more.

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In our readers words

Like a young Wired, a best-of Medium - whatever it is, Hackerpreneur is it! Every article inspires me and challenges me. A must for anyone interested in the future of now, startups, tech, ways of working and more.

Emma LindahlDesigner & Scientist

Forget about the same old fluffy entreporn that's on every other blog these days. Hackerpreneur is the no-nonsense, gritty resource you really want. The articles are top-notch, and the design is gorgeous and functional.

David HindinSurgeon & Publisher

Quality content, refreshingly different from the usual '10 things to do...' posts. You gain new insights and ideas with each article. And the editor's own take on the topics adds real value. I always look forward to the next issue.

Antoinette TurkieFounder & Marketer